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William J. McLauchlan


Residence: Chattanooga, TN

Bill McLauchlan is a senior technical consultant for the Printing Industries of America Consulting department located in Sewickley, PA. A forty-plus-year veteran of the graphic communications industry, Mr. McLauchlan’s responsibilities have included conducting Technical Plant Assessments (TPAs), Press Testing, Press Acceptance Testing, conflict resolution consulting, and an Expert Witness for legal matters for many companies in response to a full range of printing and/or technical inquiries.

As a printing specialist and troubleshooter, Mr. McLauchlan works directly with printers, press manufacturers, and press resellers in testing the quality levels of used presses that are being considered for purchase, and after installation to assure the press has not been damaged in transit or improperly installed. He also certifies new presses at installations acting as a non-biased third party evaluator to insure that all systems are operating within the manufacturer’s specifications and that the press is printing to Printing Industries of America, GRACoL©, SWOP©, SNAP©, or IFRA specifications.

Bill also presents technical seminars, in-plant training workshops, and contributes technical information for use in Printing Industries of America textbooks, GATFWorld magazine, and other trade publications. He also provides technical tips that are distributed to members through the GAIN website and other communication channels. He has written a monthly column on GAIN called “Hey Bill, Got a Minute”. Mr. McLauchlan has been asked to technically review and comment on several textbooks and workbooks prior to publication that the Foundation has recently published including the Printing Industries of America Web Offset Press Training Curriculum workbooks and Web Offset Press Operating.

As a trainer and presenter, Mr. McLauchlan participates in the following Printing Industries of America workshops and seminars: Troubleshooting Your Web Press, Web Press Operating, Advanced Web Press Operating, Your Top 20 Pressroom Headaches, and Quick Fixes and Long-Term Solutions. He has addressed groups as large as 500 and as small as 5 people.

Mr. McLauchlan has been active in many associations:
• International Association of Printing House Craftsmen
• Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA)
• Web Offset Association (WOA)

Prior to becoming a Printing Industries of America consultant, Mr. McLauchlan served as a technical consultant for a major press manufacturer as a field supervisor, coordinating the setup and installation of sheetfed offset presses. He also trains press operators in the operation and care of their companies’ newly installed press equipment. After installation service is one of Bill’s signature trademarks as he used his press operating knowledge and experience to help customers troubleshoot their printing concerns.

Mr. McLauchlan was instrumental in developing “Digital Register Analysis” which received the Printing Industries of America InterTech award for the year 2000. “DRA” has become the standard of the Graphic Arts industry for measuring unit to unit movement in a printing press.

He attended LaSalle College in Philadelphia and has participated in many other professional development courses and seminars. In 2009, he was inducted into the Ben Franklin Honor Society in recognition of his over 40 years of service to the Graphic Arts.