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Sid Chadwick


Residence: Winston Salem, NC
Mobile: 336-558-4939

Mission: Chadwick Consulting provides clients with options for improved business performance they didn’t know they had. We accomplish this through information gathering, peer group conferences, education and training, consulting, and publishing.

Sid Chadwick is a thirty-plus year veteran of the printing and publishing industry, receiving his (6-1/2 year) “apprenticeship” in consulting under the direction of industry icon, Dick Gorelick.

Chadwick Consulting serves:

Peer Groups for CEO’s, Business Development Directors, and Plant Managers.

Testimonials on our website provide an introduction to why these working group
relationships are invaluable to owners wanting an improved, more prosperous future.

Development of immediate additional business opportunities — through
customized Customer Surveys — for clients.
We deeply believe in our processes for
growing revenues — through Clients’ Customer Surveys — more often generating a
30% to 46% response rate, and multiple seven figures of new business opportunities
from current customers. Written follow-up plans and relentless follow-up are essential
for capturing additional new business.

Pressroom Performance Improvement Workshops
that generally provide a
minimum of multiple six figures, and often multiple-seven figures of reduced costs,
and additional revenues.

4-Day Sales Rep/Lead CSR Education Programs.
These 4-Day Programs provide
talented personnel with introductions to, and skill sets — that quickly elevate their
contributions to your organization. Content includes introduction to Research
Resources, and skills for development of Inside Sales Teams.

Targeted Workshops for Improved Revenues and Margins
, such as:

Quote Log and Improved Quote Hit Ratios
: Your Quote Log and Quote Log
Management Processes can provide you a wealth of improved revenues, and
margins. Sadly, most organizations do not manage a Quote Log, nor do they
analyze their Quote Hit Ratios.

Improved Trade Show Performance
— for radically improving your and your
customers new business development results.

Storage & Fulfillment
— Development of Major customers — for Improved
Revenues, and Customer Retention.

Publishers’ Conferences
— for Improved Ad Sales, and Publication
Development & Management.

Wide-Format Customer Development
— for Improved Margins, Revenues —
and Customer Targeting.

Research Resources for New Business & Customer Development
— this is an
intense introduction to easily accessible Research Resources — for Sales Reps,
Directors of Marketing, and CSR’s.

Development of Inside Sales Teams
— for improving your New Business
Development results, revenues from current customers, and lowering your Sales

Customized Research and Proposal Development
— on a Project-by-Project
and Client-by-Client basis.

Weekly Published Articles
— (well over 600+ — listed on our Website), many are
courtesy of The New American Printer.

Professional and Personal Background:
Born in a small fishing village in the saltwater marshes of North Carolina, Sid was the oldest of three children, born to two professional educators. Early childhood developmental experiences often involved saltwater, and diverse, extensive outdoor activities — often “on the water”.

(1996 – Present). President, Chadwick Consulting, Inc.

(1984 – 1995) V.P., Gorelick & Associates Averaged traveling 3,000 – 5,000 miles a week, for 6-1/2 years. Dick Gorelick provided me an education that money couldn’t buy. I will always be grateful for his instruction — and projects he provided me.

(1984 – 1988) V.P. of Sales, Hutchison-Allgood Printing Co. Tripled revenues in less than four years.

(1973 – 1984) Director of Sales & Marketing, Douglas Battery Mfg. Co. In a company that was over 51 years old, we grew revenues from less than $9 million in 1972 to over $67 million in 1983. Products ranged up to 6,000 pound underground mining batteries. (Note: Pre-tax margins exceeded 23% in 1983.)

(1969 – 1973) Sales Rep for a Continental Can Packaging Division. Became the youngest million-dollar Sales Rep, ever — in a twenty-three plant division. During these four years at Continental Can, Sid obtained an MSBA from the University of North Carolina, through night classes, and distinguished himself with “The Outstanding Comprehensive Final Exam” — for his graduating class.

Educational Background:
Sid obtained a B.S. from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in three years (1966 – 1969), with a concentration in marketing related studies.

MSBA from the University of North Carolina, (1973)

Attended Fielding Institute, External Post-Graduate Studies — in Human and Organizational Development (1991 – 1995).

Other Personal Activities and Relevant Points:
Member of Soderstrom and Ben Franklin Honorary Societies.
— Active in the Episcopal Church’s Cursillo Secretariat for the Diocese of North
Carolina; avid reader of financial publications.
— Multiple Certifications from the US Sailing School.

Produces a Quarterly Newsletter, Chatterbox.
: A few Clients have notebooks containing every article we’ve published — that they can find.

For Client Testimonials
, go to or contact Sid at (or cell phone 336-558-4939).