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Richard D. Warner


Residence: Imperial, PA
Mobile: 724-289-3836

Richard D. Warner is a security printing consultant and risk management advisor to the brand protection and document verification/authentication industries. He is currently engaged in an advisory capacity to several counterfeit/forgery mitigation industry organizations and service providers. Warner is also the conference coordinator for the annual GOA/PAF Brand Protection Conference.

He has served as vice president and director of the GATF’s Research Group and vice chairman of the general Council of the IARIGAI. Additionally, he was a member of the R&E Council of the Graphic Arts Industry, Inc., the Inter-society Color Council, the Society for Imaging Science and Technology, Specifications for Web Offset Printing, ANSI, SNAP and the ISO TAG committee.

After a 35 year career in graphic arts research with GATF and other industry/government affiliations with security providers, Warner left the Foundation and joined forces with some prominent industry leaders in the field of security printing and supplies. He was instrumental in developing the North American Security Product Organization(NASPO) who’s mission is to preserve the integrity of security products by providing a platform for the North American security printers and suppliers to organize, develop consensus standards and subsequent certification programs. Warner has published numerous industry papers, is coauthor of a primer entitled Introduction To Security Printing, (a PIA/GATF Publication), and an inventor with several US Patents.

Prior to joining GATF/PIA, Warner spent several years with Eastman Kodak Co., Consolidated International, and Nashville Electragraphics, working in the areas of color reproduction, manufacturing and R&D. He also holds a B.S. from Houghton College and a M.S. in Physics from Penn State.

Areas Of Expertise

• Document protection against counterfeiting and forgery
• Brand protection for consumer product goods(CPGs)
• Security technologies for packages and labels, digital and analog devices
• Patent expertise and extensive experience for PTO applications, rejections, rebuttals infringement, expert witness in fields of security end products etc.
• Integrating security devices into the manufacturing domain
• Assisting new and/or seasoned printers, designers, CPG’s, brand owners, secure document originators on developing their own risk management programs and security printing/packaging and distribution operations
• Implementing track, trace and authenticate protocols
• Information for authentication, origination, verification counterfeit, forgery and knockoff deterrents
• Technologies and methodologies for reduced detection time and faster reaction time – reduced failure risks
• Associated with numerous contacts in the intelligence community and commercial security printing end products industry

Recent Publications and Patents

Warner, Richard D. and Adams, Richard M. III, 2nd ed of Introduction to Security Printing, Pittsburgh, PA, Printing Industries of America, to be released September, 2016.

Warner, Richard D., Brand Protection Technologies, Printing Industries of America,
The Magazine, May 2010, Vol2, Issue 3, pp 6-9.

Warner, Richard D., “Marketing Consumer Product Goods: The Coupon Comeback”,
Product & Image Security, March/April 2009, Vol 13 No.2 pp 24-25

Warner, Richard D. , and Adams II, Richard M., Introduction to Security Printing, Pittsburgh, PA, PIA/GATFPress 2005

Amongst Warner’s more notable inventions are the GATF Color Communicator, the GATF Dot Gain Scale-II, and KOPOUT, a security printing substrate to deter counterfeiting and thwart forgery. He holds six(6) US Patents on these inventions and also on an invention for matched color filters for soft proofing and a safety device for cleaning printing press cylinders.