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Peter A. Schlosser


Residence: San Luis Obispo, CA


Dr. Peter Schlosser is an Associate Professor in Graphic Communication Department at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. His courses have included cross-media campaigns, variable data print, digital print engines, graphics, graphic communication, photography, research, and information and communications technology. Other areas of interest and coursework include color reproduction and control, neuro networks, estimating, electronic documents, workflow, xml and web development.

Dr. Schlosser is heavily engaged with international organizations. Experienced in international development and relations.

Associate Director – CoHope, (2016 – Present)
Associate Director – Kibo Education Initiatives. Moshi, Tanzania, (2016 – Present)
Advisor/Consultant – Farm Concern International, Nairobi, Kenya, (2016 – Present) Advisor/Consultant – America Refugee Committee (ARC), Minneapolis, MN (2015 – Present)
Education Consultant – Friends of Malawi Orphans (FOMO), Mulanje, Malawi, (2015 – Present)
Education Consultant – Learning Realm International (LRI), Kathmandu, Nepal, (2015 – Present)
Food Security Consultant – Midwest and Far West Districts of Nepal, Nepal Army and others, Dhangadhi, Nepal (2015)

Presentations include; Electronic documents, augmented print, color measurement and control, photo reproduction, image capture, color workflow, GRACol, photography as language, visual literacy, digital workflow automation and management.

• Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Work and Human Resource Education (WHRE), Instructional Technology
• M.S. Media Technology, Specialization in Training and Human Resource Development, UW-Stout
• B.S. Industrial Technology/Technical Communications, UW-Stout