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Laura Gale


Residence: Chicago. IL
Mobile: 773-318-3293

Laura Gale is President of Crossmedia451, Inc., a privately held Chicago-based digital marketing and business development firm that works with local businesses to raise their brand awareness, increase customer engagement and lift sales. Her work with graphic arts companies has included training sales teams in consultative selling, creating service offerings, and working with and coaching owners and executives to create business plans and value propositions beyond basic commodity selling. She also has expertise in e- commerce, social media, and publishing across multiple media platforms.

Prior to Crossmedia451, Laura held senior management roles at United Stationers, a Fortune 500 business products wholesaler. The roles she held included Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Enterprise Content Management, and Chair of the Company’s Diversity & Inclusion Council.

Before joining United Stationers, Laura held a number of senior roles in publishing and graphic arts companies. Laura was an owner and founding partner for Prinexus, a company offering print, online and digital marketing services that was built through a series of acquisitions. The national sales organization for Prinexus reported directly to Laura.

Prior to that, Laura was Vice President, Production Technology in the Global Production and Manufacturing Group of International Thomson Publishing, a division of what is now Thomson Reuters. Prior to Thomson, Laura held executive positions with publishers Rand McNally and U.S.News & World Report, as well as printing giant R.R. Donnelley.

Laura was named one of the Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Corporate Executives by Diversity MBA magazine, and is a recipient of the prestigious Luminaire Award from Women in Production in New York. Laura is a member of the Ben Franklin Honor Society and the Production Executive’s Hall of Fame. She also received the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation’s Naomi Berber Award, which is given to a woman who has made a major contribution to the development of the graphic communications industries.

Laura co-authored a two-book series on Cross-Media Publishing. She is also chairs the board of directors of the Gift Theatre in Chicago. Laura earned her bachelor of science and master of arts degrees in journalism from the University of Illinois, and is proud to be a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of America.

She regularly speaks to business groups about the value of customer engagement, how businesses can leverage social media, and what it takes for women executives to succeed in industries in which they are the minority.