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Howie Fenton


Residence: Denver, CO
Mobile phone: 1 (720) 872-6339

Howard “Howie” Fenton has been a consultant in the printing and digital industry for over 25 years, focusing on operational and financial performance and new technology. Before creating his own consulting company, his skills were honed working for the PIA/GATF (Printing Industry of America / Graphic Arts Technical Foundation),
NAPL (National Association of Printing Leadership) and InfoTrends. A noted author of books, articles, and blogs, Fenton is a sought-after consultant called upon to analyze and benchmark productivity and competitiveness.
He is a trusted advisor to the enterprise, commercial and in-plant printers. He is a subject matter expert on the best practices used by leading companies to streamline operations. His knowledge of hardware, software, process improvement tools allows him to identify and repair inefficient workflow processes, and improve performance. His knowledge of the print industry is deeply rooted in both theoretical as well as practical experience. He has taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Printing as well as managing both a quick printing company and the department of a commercial printing firm.

• VP Consulting, Integrated Methods Group (IMG)
• Associate Director of Operations Consulting at InfoTrends
• Senior Consultant at National Association of Printing Leadership (now Epicomm)
• Senior Consultant at Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (now PIA)
• Editor of Pre, a digital printing magazine
• Prepress and Print Company management

Key Areas of Expertise:
• Production analysis
• Measuring and benchmarking
• Surveys: customers, staff, market research
• Cost benefit analysis: hardware, software, automation tools
• Analyzing insourcing and outsourcing opportunities
• Project management of new hardware and software
• Quality improvement initiatives: Six Sigma, ISO
• Analyzing total cost per product
• Whitepapers: hardware, software, processes
• Litigation and expert witness services

• Member of PIA’s Digital Printing Council
• Judge for PODi’s Best Practices in Digital Print Awards
• Judge for PIA Colorado Print Awards
• Judge for Xerox PIXI Digital Print Awards
• Member of HP’s Digital Printing Advisory Council
• Instructor at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology)
• President of New York Professional PostScript Users Group

Years of Experience 25+

Functional Expertise

  • Workflow analysis and optimization
  • Implementing new technology
  • Estimating and costing models
  • Adding value with digital services
  • Customer research
  • Custom seminars and training

Industry Experience

  • Commercial and in-plant printers
  • Universities and K-12 school districts
  • Pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial, and insurance companies
  • Manufacturers, dealers

Recent Engagements

  • Book printer
  • University in-plant
  • Commercial printer
  • Software manufacturer
  • Packaging printer
  • Grocery store chain
  • Franchise sign printer
  • Health insurance company
  • Financial institution
  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Magazine publisher